About Us

THIRD MILLENNIUM OIL MILLS, INC. (TMOMI) was established in December of 2000 to engage in the business of crushing copra to produce crude coconut and copra expeller cake. The company's major incorporators have had over 60 years experience in the coconut industry, having traded copra since 1949.

TMOMI began commercial operations on July 2001. Since then, the company has been active in supplying both the domestic (Philippine) market as well as the export markets in Europe, the United States, Japan and China.

DAVAO BAY COCONUT OIL MILLS INC. (DBCOM) was incorporated in May 2008, as a subsidiary of TMOMI. The plant site in Davao was acquired in September of 2008. Construction of the plant began shortly afterwards and was completed by January 2010. DBCOM immediately began commercial operations, targeting predominantly the export markets.

Our customers are from USA, Europe, China and other Asian countries.

This year 2012, DBCOM exported its first shipment of Refined and Bleached (Cochin) Coconut Oil. The company plans to launch its own brand of edible oil in the domestic market.

The company has obtained a Halal Certification for its products under Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines per IDCP-HC No. 2012-F-516.

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