Refined, Bleached (Cochin) Coconut Oil

CNO goes through a Refining and bleaching process to produce Cochin type coconut oil. During refining, CNO is treated with a caustic soda solution to reduce the Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content of the oil. To reduce color, the CNO undergoes bleaching, via the addition of bleaching earth and activated carbon.

Cochin is then further processed to produce edible oil, soaps, shampoo and oleochemicals.

Refined, Bleached (Cochin) Coconut Oil with the following typical specifications:

  • FFA ( as Lauric ) (at time of shipment)
           - 0.1% Maximum
  • Color (at time of shipment) (AOCS Method Cc 13b-45)
          - 10 Yellow, 1 Red Maximum
  • M & I ( at time of shipment )(combined)
          - 0.1% Maximum
  • Iodine Value (at time of shipment )
          - 10 Maximum